Sharing God's heart for Eastern Germany

Short term

1-3 months

We invite you to discover East Germany… and fall in love with it. 

We live in the Dreesch. Once the wealthiest part of this city during Communism, now it’s a place filled with poverty and broken people. And we love this area. We love living and serving here. We love these people. And we think you will too!

Our main focus is the Patchwork Centre, where there is always a lot to do and a lot going on. There is still lots of work to be done on the building, now that reconstruction is finished. We could use your assistance in the kitchen and in the café. Join in the creative recycle workshop, where you can help and learn. You can be part of the music band if you like to sing or play instrument. The most important thing here at the Patchwork Centre is just being together with people, being part of their lives.

Beyond the Centre we also run two monthly events. We host a street party with music, food and message. We also host a family party in the Patchwork Centre. There are also often school events or city activities which we take part in.

To be part of this team you would be open to learn and prepared to step out of you comfort zone. We’ll start each day together reading from the Bible and being challenging. We’re keen to hear your observations and share in what you discover during the time with us. If you don’t speak German, that’s no problem, because you can speak not with your words but with you heart. However learning German is a great way to learn the culture and let the community be your teacher!

We would love to see you coming for short term. You could be a blessing for us, because there are so few Christians living in Schwerin. Only be aware - that you might just end up hearing God call you into a life long love for East Germany!

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