Water for life - The Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre

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Pozoblanco, Spain
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HealthcareMercy MinistriesOutreach and Evangelism

Over the past 24 years, the Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre has been helping men dependent on drugs and alcohol to not only be free from their addictions but to find out about eternal freedom from a life lived with Christ as their Lord. The centre is situated a long way from civilisation and has had a great investment of time and money in the past to provide power and water to the living and farming areas. That part of southern Spain is often short of rainfall so the ability to store more water that has been drawn from the centre's own well, would be really beneficial to the whole ministry.

The Centre hope to attain 5 new water tanks each providing an extra 22,000 litres of water storage. Two of the local town councils have promised to buy one tank each and the other is to be covered by a donation from a church in the UK. The cost of the two remaining tanks with the installation is €3,550. Would you consider helping to support the Good Samaritan Drug rehabilitation centre by donating towards the last two tanks?

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