Ellis Koelewijn

"It is very important that we connect missionaries with the right people with the right knowledge and experience"

Since 2021 Ellis Koelewijn is part of the human resource team of ECM Netherlands. She helps potential missionaries during their orientation and preparation. She also plays a role in equipping and supporting missionaries who are already in the field. Besides that, she is member care facilitator for East Germany.

Ellis herself has a lot of experience with mission in Europe. Since 2012 she worked as a missionary in Schwerin, Northeast Germany. She worked for a pioneering church plant in a neighborhood with many social problems. As part of a team of missionaries she organised street and family activities and turned a former post office into a community center, the 'Patchwork Center'. Ellis worked on discipleship by sharing her life with the people around her. "I saw how people in this spiritually dead area, where few people ever think of God, started to get interested in Jesus, the Bible and God." 

In her new role at ECM Netherlands, Ellis will combine her own experience with mission with further training in coaching. "Missionaries want to be there for the people around them, but they also need care themselves", she says. "It is very important that we connect them with the right people with the right knowledge and experience. I would love to contribute to that."

Human resource assistant
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With ECM since 2012