Arend Jan & Jacqueline Zwart

"We want to be a blessing for the people around us, also in our new living environment"

Arend Jan and Jacqueline were missionaries in Mora, Portugal, from December 2015 till November 2020.

Mora is a place with about 6.000 inhabitants, including surrounding villages. Vitor and Bia Biscaia, a Portuguese missionary couple, already work in Mora since the beginning of the century. Because of their ministry, Mora now has a small, yet growing evangelical church. The church runs a food bank. By doing that, as well as some other activities, the church wants to be the hand and the feet of the Gospel. In order to gain trustworthiness and to build relationships, the church is also actively present at the mercator (covered market). Arend Jan and Jacqueline supported the evangelical church in Mora for five years. Jacqueline helped in the children's ministry.

In November 2020 Arend Jan and Jacqueline moved back to the Netherlands to participate in a communal group in Amsterdam. They look back on a valuable time in Portugal. For the benefit of the costs of their return to the Netherlands and the debriefing by ECM Netherlands, it is still possible to support Arend Jan and Jacqueline with a donation.

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