Bert & Daliborka Uenk

Maresa & Mia

We would like people to focus on God and expect more from Him.

Bert, who’s Dutch, and Daliborka from Croatia got to know each other in Croatia where Bert was working as a short termer with ECM. After their marriage in 2005, they were commissioned as missionaries to Severin in 2006 and started work.

Bert and Daliborka organize camps in Severin for different groups. During the camps there is time for sports and relaxing, but the Gospel is also proclaimed. After camp, contact is maintained with the holidaymakers.

Bert works in technical support for the camps and Daliborka helps with organization. She is also involved in youth work in the Baptist church in Karlovac and translates materials for the youth ministry from English.

Country of origin

With ECM since 2006