Becky Cooke


Becky Cooke and her husband Jim reside in McLean, Virginia.

She is the daughter of missionary parents and was privileged to grow up in Haiti. As is true with most third culture children, her view of the world has a different slant than those raised in America. It has been an advantage when homeschooling her children and then communicating with homeschooling parents as an educational consultant with Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). She has intentionally exposed her family to missions, both abroad and at home and participated in missional opportunities through their church and in the community.

She participates in Bible study, mentors international students studying in the US, is an intercessor for a prayer ministry, and provides editing services for two local ministries. Retiring in 2014 has provided her with greater time and flexibility to serve the Lord at His direction.

ECMI-USA Board Member
Country of origin
United States

With ECM since 2016