Rik & Machteld Lubbers

Wieke, Giske en Jitse

We want to make God's good message heard in a country as torn apart and poor as Kosova!

Rik and Machteld Lubbers moved to Kosova in the spring of 2013. Together with their two daughters - and since October 2014 also their son - they want to take their place in Kosova and by doing so share something of God's infinite love for people.

Rik and Machteld are working in Peja, a city around 70km from the capital Prishtina. In a small church they develop a (missional) youth work program, are involved with different kinds of maintenance tasks and social projects both for the church and people outside of the church.

"Kosova is a country which is torn apart. The recent war of the late '90's still is a daily reality. It is in this context - in which people still live with the terrible consequences of the war, where unemployment is very high and where desperateness only seems to increase - that we are able to shine the light of God's Word. Will you pray for this church and for Kosova?"

Check out here the videoclip about their work.

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