Alan & Celeste Pallister

People need genuine and transparent relationships - with God and with each other. Our desire for the church is that it should be true to its calling, living differently from the world around it (Colossians 1:28-29).

Alan and Celeste currently are serving with the Baptist Theological Seminary, in Queluz, just to the west of Lisbon. Alan serves as Principal and both are actively involved in theological education and the pastoral care of students. This follows a long period pastoring the Baptist Church in Caldas da Rainha, and in essence “replanting” an older church from within, to a point where it is now working well, with it’s own pastoral team, put together to preach, teach and care pastorally for the congregation.

Also interacting with that pastoral experience in Caldas da Rainho, they continue to manage the Center (Canto da Rola) as a place for small retreats and for familes to rest. The Center is some 10km outside of Caldas, and is also used for a variety of activities - GBU student meetings as well as groups interested in specific areas (like, for example, Christians in art or in politics).

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