Cliff Kelly

I am humbled to be part of this this Mission of taking back Europe for Christ.

DR. CLIFF KELLY, Interim Executive Director, ECMI-USA. Dr. Kelly has served as Professor of Communication Theory at several leading universities, both Christian and secular, and has been a featured speaker at many Christian events both here in America, and abroad in Israel and Russia. He is also a published author and social media blogger on matters of current social, geopolitical and religious affairs. Dr. Kelly currently serves as Interim Executive Director for European Christian Mission International-USA, to provide leadership to the mobilization of workers and raising of funds for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Europe.

Dr. Kelly’s primary research areas for his writing and speaking include the exploration of something called Communication Competence, or that which defines fully effective human interaction. He also writes, publishes and teaches in an area he terms, Political Eschatology, about which he recently published a book, titled, The Sixth Seal: A Pre-Wrath Commentary on the End of History as We Know It (2017). Last year, Cliff was commissioned by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) to construct an online course, A History of the Jews: The Revelation of God to His Chosen People (2018), for delivery to the 180 member colleges of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), both in the United States and Europe.

Cliff has been married to Suzette Canete Kelly since 1981, and they have two grown children, Christina and Christopher, who are pursuing careers, respectively, as: medical specialist at Denver Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center in Aurora, Colorado; and English Literature and Spatial Ontology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is a third year doctoral student. The Kelly’s now reside in Colorado along with their trusty rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback, Scout the Wonder Dog. They attend Friday Church pastored by Daniel Grothe.


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