We want to see Europe transformed by Jesus' love

Church planting is our strategy for Europe because only through loving communities can Europe really experience transformational change.

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Yes, he may become a true believer!

Romania newsletter - 2018-02(2).jpg19/02/2018 18:26 Greetings from Timisoara, Romania Now, when the winter is almost over (the truth is that this year here in Timisoara we didn't have a real winter), I am thinking on a new location for the camps ... full story

Spain surpasses 4,000 evangelical places of worship for the first time!

Spain Church Progress.jpg01/02/2018 19:04 Spain surpasses 4,000 evangelical places of worship for the first time Eighty-seven new places of worship have been opened in the last six months of 2017. There are now 4,045 evangelical premises throughout the country. full story

Caring for the orphans . . . an update from Oksana Savka in Ukrainne

savka.jpg24/10/2017 13:47 New Hope Ukraine has been a leader in setting the standard of what it means to care for orphans. Their nationally recognized program has placed more than 500 children in Christian homes. Watch and listen to what God is doing . . . full story
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