We want to see Europe transformed by Jesus' love

Church planting is our strategy for Europe because only through loving communities can Europe really experience transformational change.

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World Cafe - Meeting people, meeting needs, meeting Jesus

Rimkai News4.jpg29/03/2018 21:30 Rita and Vidas Rimkai work in the city of Gloucester, England, alongside Brunswick Baptist Church. Rita became a Christian after the collapse of Berlin Wall. Vidas met God in the UK, while Rita was studying at Redcliffe College. In 2010, this missionary family from Lithuania joined ECM to work alongside churches in Gloucester. full story

The Patchwork Center - A place where people can meet Jesus

Patchwork carpet.29/03/2018 21:13 The workers of ECMI find themselves engaged in Spirit-filled, Spirit-led innovative initiatives that are reaching the peoples of Europe. One such project can be found in former Eastern Germany, in the town of Schwerin. This area is filled with social challenges including high levels of unemployment, poverty among families and children, and large numbers of immigrants. full story

Yes, he may become a true believer!

Romania newsletter - 2018-02(2).jpg19/02/2018 18:26 Greetings from Timisoara, Romania Now, when the winter is almost over (the truth is that this year here in Timisoara we didn't have a real winter), I am thinking on a new location for the camps ... full story
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