Changing Europe begins with love.

Amazing! The church is God's strategy for reaching Europe with his love.

ECM’s vision is to see the peoples of Europe transformed in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is our dream and aspiration and it motivates everything we do.

Why does ECM exist?  Our purpose, or reason for being, is to glorify God by the planting and developing of reproducing churches that evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe.  This is what ECM is about: to facilitate church planting in Europe.  But our identity as a mission is principally expressed through our Statement of Faith and our shared values.  Other missions may share the same vision, even the same purpose, but the following shared values and distinctives establish the unique culture of ECM.


These are the core values that members commit themselves to when they join the mission.  Our teams are guided by these values in the way they plant churches.  At every level across the mission we commit ourselves to practising these values in everything we do.

We value a life oriented to God, where courageous faith, prayer and the Bible are the basis of all we do as a mission.
We are committed to integrity and mutual respect in our relationships, that we might be known for loving and caring for each other as we work towards our common vision.
We believe in participating actively and creatively in God’s mission as we reach out to the peoples of Europe through the establishment of new communities of Jesus followers.
We are committed to working and learning together, as teams, fields and national sections, and through partnerships with others, in pursuit of our common purpose

These four values - a life oriented to God, integrity and mutual respect in our relationships, mission to the peoples of Europe through church planting, and collaboration are the core values of ECM.  They are expressed in simple, modern language as UP, IN, OUT, TOGETHER, but they rest on ancient foundations, namely the four marks of the church as expressed in the Nicene Creed.

These have been the core values of ECM since its inception in 1904 under the leadership of Ganz Raud: prayer, loving working relationships, church planting in Europe and partnership with others.  Anchored in the past, but expressed in fresh language for a new generation of missionaries, they have the potential to guide our behaviour into the future.