Changing Europe begins with love.

Amazing! The church is God's strategy for reaching Europe with his love.

ECM is an international, interdenominational network with different backgrounds and functions but the same passion: to see Europe change.

ECM’s network includes:

  • Workers: Full-time or part-time people working cross-culturally in Europe
  • National workers: Local partners ministering in their own nations 
  • Enablers: Coaches, mentors, trainers and pastors who provide support, advice and reflection to enable the spiritual health, personal growth and effectiveness of everyone in ECM
  • Volunteers: ECM supporters who give their time for short-term projects, fundraising and many administrative tasks.

But ECM can’t do it alone! We actively look to partner with others. Through strategic partnerships with local churches and mission organisations, our ability to influence and impact Europe with the gospel is multiplied.  Click here for details of some of ECM's many partners.