Reflections from Albania

Albanie_70167280.jpgTuesday 13 June 2017 18:33

Ministry in Eastern European countries like Albania can be challenging. One couple shares these thoughts.

In many ways our life in Albania is not so different from our former life in Britain. The day to day activities of home and family fill the time and exert the same kind of pressures. Busyness demands my attention and dictates my mood, distracting and preoccupying until the desire to pay attention to the world 'out there' almost disappears. You'd think it might be different, that I might be different. So what to do? The question I am learning to ask, have been learning to ask, is, "What is God doing, what is He busy with?" When I remember to ask, things happen. Like being led to take a meal to a neighbor struggling on low income and with a sick son to care for. 'Lord, I'm taking this to my friend, please let her be home now. Please distract the curiosity of her neighbors. Please don't let this gift cause her a problem with her husband. Please help me to tell her with words as well as actions that she is loved by you.' When I remember to ask, God leads. Lord, help me to remember.

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