Alcora Action (SPAIN)

ww5.jpgTuesday 05 September 2017 23:38

As always, thank you so much for continuing to support us in so many ways: through prayer, encouragement and finances. We are so grateful that you're part of our team!





Summer Ministry Team

A team from Bethany EC Christian Fellowship in Cressona, PA came to serve with us at the end of June, and they helped us teach English to young adults in the town, we visited the local fire station and prayed for the firefighters (not at all common here), and also put on an American fair with traditional American games for families in the park, which received very positive coverage in the local newspaper.  Please pray for the seeds they helped us plant to grow and produce fruit of eternal life!

Coming Back to Jesus

As a church community, we have a sense that we are growing deeper together, and something very exciting that’s happened this summer is that a woman that we’ve known for about 7 years (since we’ve moved to Alcora) has started coming to our worship services.  Many years ago she was part of an evangelical church, then drifted away, and God is doing something new in her and she’s finally responding to Him.  Please pray for her, her family and for us as we walk with them and lead them closer to Jesus.

Barcelona Attacks

As you well know, on Thursday, August 18th, Barcelona (about 3 hours north of Alcora) became the latest site of a terrorist attack.  This has set the region and the whole country on high alert.  So we’d ask you to pray with us that the victims’ families would experience the peace that only Jesus gives, that the authorities would discover these terror cells and be able to protect the people here, and that God would use even this tragedy for His glory, that people would wake up spiritually and seek Him.

The Alcora Express

Last week and this week Alcora has been celebrating the town fiestas, and as a part of the festivities our church, with the help of the Town Hall, organized the Alcora Express, a scavenger hunt for all ages (Americans, think the Amazing Grace) all around the town.  We had 13 teams compete, from children with parents to teenagers, and everyone was very enthusiastic about this new addition to the festival's programming.  One of the team challenges was a word jumble of John 3:16, and we had the opportunity to share Jesus even beyond that, so please pray that He would cause the seeds we've planted to grow, mature and bear spiritual fruit in the participants' lives.

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