Yes, he may become a true believer!

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Greetings from Timisoara, Romania

Now, when the winter is almost over (the truth is that this year here in Timisoara we didn't have a real winter), I am thinking on a new location for the camps this year. And, of course, there is the plethora of details regarding planning the camps and the execution of those plans.

As always, the camps in the new year are linked to the camps in the last one. We try to correct what was wrong and try to improve everything based on what we have learned from last year's camps. And browsing the folders and files in the computer, it's almost impossible to miss the pictures and all the memories they instantly bring.

This year is not different. I came across a picture that brought into my memory the face of a young man who attended the family and singles camp last year. I will call him "R," and I followed him during the 10 days of the camp. He is a serious and disciplined young man, maybe a little too quiet and introverted, but well integrated among the campers (by the way, not all the campers succeed in this integration).

"R" is an orthodox Christian, but a nominal one. He did not practice his nominal faith. This was the first Christian camp (with a large majority of campers as evangelicals) he ever attended. Of course, the program was as such. I mean we prayed, studied the Bible and sang Christian songs. Sure, we had fellowship, rest and relaxation time, hiking, sports, walks and games. Razvan confessed that though he was from an orthodox family he “seldom attended a church service.” But, he added, “here it was well, really well.”

I saw "R" singing Christian songs, reading from the Bible, attending and listening to each Bible study session. He also did not miss any morning prayer and Bible reading times, nor the games, sports and hiking. No doubt, all the activities in this camp, but mainly the spiritual ones, touched him deeply.

He told us in the camps last day “I would like so much to attend the camp once again.” So, we have a new item on our prayer list: "R"! Please pray for him that the Holy Spirit will work in him, bringing the Gospel alive and then strengthen his faith in another New Hope camp in this year.

And please pray for us, too. We need wisdom, strength, and power; we need volunteers, resources and funds (mainly to renew our old, old camping gear).

Thank you very much for your support during 2017. We really need it in 2018, too. May God reward you richly and keep you in His grace and in good health during this year!

Tinu Leontiuc

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