They found the One they needed most!

Nazar and wife 2.jpgWednesday 25 July 2018 22:06

May 25th was the end of the current school year in most of the public schools in Ukraine. During the last half of the year, 12,380 students were reached.

School ministry workers and volunteers did 325 meetings in schools besides 75 out-of-school meetings for 1450 students. Our workers keep in touch with students during the whole summer by doing camps and other events and activities. Below you can see pictures taken during meetings in schools and out-of-school events.

In this letter, I want to tell you the story of two people. In February 2018 this young couple started to come to our newly planted church. Their names are Dina and Roman. They are neighbors of my friend Roman. For several last months, they have been experiencing a difficult period in their lives. That period had a noticeable impact on their behavior and their view of life. They were closed, sad, lonely. Below you can see the pictures of them from their early visits to my church. Most of the times, they were sitting with their eyes looking down.

They were very careful. Roman paid his first visit to the church alone. Next time he brought his wife Dina. We invited them to come to our Friday Night meetings where we play table games, communicate and pray for each other. They liked those meeting. Since then, they never missed a single Friday night meeting or Sunday church meeting. They not only found the support in our church but many people in the church are happy to have a chance to serve them. Roman and Dina became very active in discussion meetings, they ask questions, share their thoughts and open their hearts.  It has been only three months since we saw them for the first time in my church. They both changed. Their life situation hasn’t improved much since then (It is a little better, though), but Dina and Roman are completely different people now.

They have found the One, Whom they needed the most. According to their own words, “It is God Who found us and brought us to the church through the difficult situation”. Today Roman and Dina are people who smile, who are interested in lives of others, who share their faith and their short testimonies at our church meetings. Roman can play the electric guitar and not long ago he joined the worship team in my church.  A few months ago they were lonely, lost and broken. Today, we all rejoice to see them happy. It is a blessing to see God working in their lives.

By God’s blessings we, as a church, are moving forward and grow. Not long ago we had a picnic all together. It was a wonderful day and wonderful time of fellowship both for young and older people.  Besides of working on the topics for church meetings we have many additional, so-called technical issues. We try to cope with them step by step. The last thing we have been working on is a baptistery pool. As we evaluate all options, we decided to make the metal transportable pool according to our own design and partially with our own hands. The pool can be used inside and outside the building and allow to do the baptismal service any time of the year. 

On the picture below you can see the process of the cutting the metal plates for the [baptistry] pool. By the way, the cutting equipment was made back in the 60s of previous century but it is still working:)

Thank you for being my faithful friends and supporters!
May God richly bless you!  
Your brother in Christ, Nazar
Lviv, Ukraine

Please pray for: 
School ministry workers and volunteers, teens and students during summer camps, activities and events. 
Roman and Dina; their spiritual growth and improvement of their life situation. 
My health. 

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