Greek Bible College Network Overhaul

Athens, Greece
Ministry Type:
Church DevelopmentTheological and Ministry Training

Due to the pandemic, educational institutions in Greece now have to offer remote learning, making all students and faculty totally reliant on internet access. The Greek Bible College in Pikermi, a respected and renowned Christian College, is no exception to this. The problem that arises however is that the infrastructure in place is very old, misconfigured and badly designed.

ECMer George Christoforides says, “Having studied there between 2013 and 2014, I have since had the vision of designing their network from the ground up, from Wi-Fi access points to wiring and structured cabling. We now have to move ahead with this installation, but funds have only allowed us to upgrade about 1/4th of the network.”

Would you join with us to raise the €5,450 still needed to connect students and faculty in this institution?