Short-Term Service for Long-Term Impact

What is a Euro Trek?

A Euro Trek is a short-term ministry opportunity that brings much needed help to workers on the field. Short-term mission trips open a window into the nature of cross-cultural ministry. We believe there is long term value in sending teams and individuals on short-term mission trips.

How long is Short-Term?

A short-term opportunity can range from 10 days to 2 years.

Why go?

Europe is a strategic and often overlooked mission field desperately in need of the good news of Jesus Christ. In many European countries less than 1% of the population would be considered Christ-followers.

The purpose of a Euro Trek is to help you to pursue your calling as God works in your life and in the lives of the people you reach. These trips enable you to provide real help and real ministry to long-term workers and residents in the region. You can contribute to ongoing ministry efforts across Europe and  develop relationships that enable long-term unity in the International body of Christ. You may even feel led to serve long-term.

Who can go?

Euro Treks are available for both individuals and groups. ECMI can provide training and ministry opportunities for students, churches, college groups, Bible studies, medical groups, and more. Individual treks can often fulfill cross-cultural ministry requirements for students.


The goal of all of ECMI's ministries is to glorify God through establishing  replicating communities of Christ-followers that will engage, challenge, and transform the peoples and cultures of Europe. With more than 110 years of effective ministry, and with ongoing work in 25 different countries, ECMI can connect interested groups with many concrete ministry needs across Europe.

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