Raúl & Claudia Vázquez

Valeria & Abraham

We have rendered our lives to the cause of the Cross, that is, the salvation of those around us.

After seven years serving at the Good Samaritan Rehab Center in Córdoba, they have now settled in the northern city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country. The need for discipleship of a small group of believers in the city along with their need to be challenged into evangelism and the outreach of families, university students (university is around the block from their meeting point), and neighbors (which include all kinds of people!) called them in a powerful way.

It has been eight months since they started. There is a general feeling of fresh air among the small group, coming from the sense of being cared for and from the constant visits of non-believers as a result of contact & friendship. They have also had evangelistic activity during Christmas with theater and delicious food for everyone! Their desire is that everyone may come to know their gifts and talents in order to use them for God´s purposes.

Their plans this year will deal in these areas; periodical small group meetings, evangelistic conferences, backup in cooperation with the university Bible group and a lot of companionship. Fresh ideas are welcomed and they pray that God will keep his promise of providing his strength and wisdom to carry on with the task of church planting and discipleship.

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