Stephen & Tabita Bell

Let's see growth in God's church!

By planting churches, Stephen and Tabitha are encouraging believers to follow the Great Commission and "to expect great things from God and to attempt great things for God." They have the local ministry of developing a church plant and starting another. They have the wider ministry of encouraging other missionaries, pastors and, indeed, churches to start other churches also. 

They believe church work and mission are best done simply and in faith, trusting in the word, prayer, unity, good fellowship, vision and obedience. They have seen that when they follow God's will He will bless and provide the breakthroughs. They love the integrated combined efforts and ministry of the wider ECM mission body and see the power of God when it all comes together combined and in cohesion with the national church.

Field Team Leader, Missionaries
Country of origin
United Kingdom

With ECM since 1986