Ted Blake

Ted is the national director of Open Doors Spain, a mission serving the persecuted Christians across the world. He has lived missions since his birth, being born into a missionary family. He started working in evangelistic campaigns in 1977, when Decision held its first summer campaign in Puente Genil.

The following year, he met ECMer Ron Anderson and his family, who came to lead the recently established church in Puente Genil (Cordoba). Ever since, Ted has kept good relationships with different ECM members, working together with them in various activities.

He married María Ángeles in 1986 and they have three adult children. He lives in the Seville province and is a member of the evangelical church he has served in since its start in 2011. He likes strolling and taking long walks. 

Se casó con Mª Ángeles en 1986 y tienen tres hijos adultos. Vive en la provincia de Sevilla y es miembro de la iglesia evangélica el la que ha colaborado desde su nacimiento en 2011. Le gusta pasear y hacer largas caminatas.

ECM Iberoamerica Board Member
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