Kent & Angie Morton

Emily, Grace & Ethan

Our vision and aim is a financially sustainable and reproducing church.

After feeling called to serve in Eastern Europe for quite some time and seeking the Lord’s direction, we felt confident that Albania was indeed that place God was calling us to serve. Moving forward with a peace in our hearts, we now find lives intertwined with some of the most faithful people you could ever meet. Albania has a rich history and deep culture. There are intricate facets of Albanian culture that we may never fully understand, but one thing we do know is that God is moving in this place. In merely 20 years after the fall of communism, the evangelical church in Albania has some established churches and some Christians have even been sent out as missionaries! We praise the Lord for what He has accomplished and pray that many more churches would be established and more laborers would be sent out as missionaries.

That in a nutshell is our heart’s cry. We want to see a strong, healthy and vibrant church that is able to stand on its own and is not dependent. We are also asking the Lord to create a reproducing church. Not a church that is just looking inward and wanting to get larger, but a church that is seeking to reach out to its neighborhood and surrounding communities where darkness still prevails so that the light of the gospel can shatter sin and bondage bringing grace, truth and life. Pray with us that our Lord would build His church quickly here in Albania.

Missionaries in Tirana, Albania
Country of origin
United States

With ECM since 2013