Frank & Angelika Bosch

We wish deeply that Roma children will find peace and their “status” and worth in God. We would like to see "our" Roma children raised up differently and find a new life with God.

Frank is working with children’s choirs, mostly in schools. He writes and records Croatian children’s and worship music. Most of his songs are based on scripture. They perform musicals and family-shows which usually take place in public places like cultural centers.

Their first goal is to reach the children in the choir and their families, and then also the people attending the shows. They also help churches to reach the people in a low key evangelization. Frank also serves in the worship team of the Baptist church in West Zagreb.

Angelika leads the women's breakfast project. She also leads Bible studies for women in their house, most of whom had indicated at the women's breakfast that they wanted to know more about the Bible and God.

They are touched by the many people who are unemployed or were not paid their monthly salary and what things some people spend their little money for. The Romas Frank works with spend a lot of money (often their social aid) on drugs and alcohol.

People long for enough money to raise their families and for a good status to impress their neighbours instead of seeking God. They long for all the things they can see on the TV and in lots of new big warehouses.

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