The job is too big for one alone...


A sprint, marathon or relay?
In Nehemiah we read that the wall around Jerusalem was rebuilt because different clans and families worked side by side on different sections of the wall...
An illustration of the aid to Ukraine and its refugees. The video below draws this picture for us in more detail.

'...When needed, they took turns working and then guarding the workers, while others enabled it to be financially possible. As if in a relay, each person did their part.

'We can join in the relay to help the Ukrainian refugees; we have a part we can play. As Szczepan says (video below), "the task ahead is way too big for anyone of us, but if we work together, and each run our part of the relay, then we will 'build that wall". 

'We can give, to help the ECM team in Lviv. We can give, to help Szczepan & Kamila in Poland, Gary & Ioana in Romania and Rich & Ali in Berlin. We can fund buses to make the round trip from Slovakia to Ukraine (see video below)'

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