New Hope Family of Ministries

Welcome to New Hope ministry in Ukraine!

You can play a part in communicating the love of Christ to the Ukrainian people.

Areas of Ministry Include: Leadership Development, Orphan Care (Click here to learn more), Public School Ministry, Youth Outreach, Family and Marriage Ministry, Bible Correspondence Course, Internet Outreach

New Hope Ukraine is New Hope International’s largest ministry. With nearly two-thirds of New Hope’s 900+ volunteers residing in Ukraine, the impact New Hope is having on the Ukrainian society is vast. Led by the father/son team of Stepan and Roman Matviyiv, New Hope Ukraine is taking church outside the walls and into society. With a large orphan care program and a focus in public school ministry, pre-marital and family ministry, leadership development, a Bible Correspondence Course, and youth ministry, the New Hope team is touching so many lives that the government recently took notice and invited New Hope’s Roman Matviyiv to serve as a counselor to Ukrainian lawmakers. The number of people New Hope Ukraine reaches on an annual basis is staggering, with more than 15,000 people enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Course alone. In addition, the New Hope team believes in training others to multiply their own influence and, as a result, these efforts are spreading into surrounding countries. According to New Hope’s Stepan Matviyiv,

“Even right now, without New Hope, churches cannot do much – they are restricted by law. By law, New Hope can go where churches can’t, and have access to meet the needs of the people.”