Camino Guesthouse in Spain

Encartaciones, Bilbao, Spain
Ministry Type:
Missional CommunitiesOutreach and EvangelismPioneer Church Planting

Our Vision

To open the Casa Camino Antiguo (“Ancient Way”) guesthouse in Las Encartaciones, Basque Country, Spain. A place to stay for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago, and for other local community groups. A guesthouse for Christians seeking a retreat space. A meeting place for our local church, planted in 2019.

Our Needs

1) To raise $425,000 to purchase and renovate a property.  We are prayerfully asking churches and individuals to donate towards this project.

2) To find the right property to buy. There is a potential property which we are praying becomes available soon.

That’s the short version, here’s a bit more detail on our vision.

Four years ago, God put a vision in our hearts to open this guesthouse for pilgrims on the Camino Olvidado, to rest, eat and sleep before continuing on their way. Our aim is to show people the love of Jesus through hospitality and find rest in Him.

Our guesthouse will be called Casa Camino Antiguo which means the Ancient Way House, named after the particular route of the Camino that we are on that begins in Bilbao. It would be the first and only pilgrim guest house in the area. 

Since pilgrims only walk between March to October, the guesthouse would also be available at other times to community groups like scouts or youth groups to stay and for Christian workers as a retreat space. It would also be a meeting place for our church.

The guesthouse would be a visible presence of the church in Las Encartaciones and allow us to offer practical hospitality to pilgrims, community activities for locals, and show others the love of Jesus. Our prayer is that this will continue to build God’s kingdom in the area and strengthen the local church.

In the future, volunteers can come to help us renovate and run the guesthouse and we welcome anyone with practical skills or a willing heart to serve. 

We are aiming to raise $425,000 to buy and renovate the right property.

Over the years we have seen over 30 properties in the area and are looking for a property with the space for the following:

  1. small guesthouse that could sleep 12-16 people with kitchen and bathrooms.
  2. An open meeting area for the Camino Antiguo Church on Sundays and to conduct community activities and outreach eg. Rugby training, English club, family enrichment, baking courses, or other leisure activities. 
  3. self-contained apartment for the managers of the guesthouse and volunteers.
  4. Outdoor area which could be used for sport and recreation. 

Our vision is to engage local people, local believers and short-term mission teams or individuals who will be able to offer their time, skills and energy to serve at the guesthouse.  The guesthouse will be not-for-profit and aims to be financially self-sustaining once the project is finished.

Please take time to think and pray about your gift.  If you feel moved to donate towards this project, please click "Donate to the project".  

We would love you to be involved in making this vision come to life. 

Thanks and God bless!

James & Carolynn Webb, Mauricio & Karina Aldana