Francisco & Nathalie Arjona

Eva, Sonia & Samuel

What moves us as family is to see all the people living without scope and goals in life. There is so much in Christ! When I talk to people about the burdens and needs in Spain, I do it with passion and desire... and also want to find commitment. We as family try to be happy in God!

Francis is the Spanish field leader and national director of ECM Spain (working in Cordoba, Castellon and Madrid and other areas within Spain), pastor of the Church in Pozoblanco, President of the "Buen Samaritano" Drug Rehabilitation Center, and is the Social Affairs representative of the Evangelical Andalusian Council where they deal with social aid, prision, and hospital ministries.

Nathalie is the executive secretary of the Good Samaritan Association. She is part of the MCE Iberoamerica council and its financial administrator. She also serves whithin the local church in different ministries (social help, couples' dinners, Sunday school and music).

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Francis and Nathalie Arjona.