New Hope Family of Ministries

Welcome to New Hope ministry in Hungary!

You can play a part in communicating the love of Jesus Christ to the Hungarian people.

Areas of Ministry Include: Christian Publishing, Children and Youth Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and Conference Ministry

Csilla Lesko - HungaryNew Hope Hungary is a small team of fiery people led by Csilla Lesko and based in Debrecen, Hungary. The Hungarian team is passionate about serving their own people and hope to see revival come as a result! New Hope Hungary is devoted to publishing materials to serve as evangelism tools and to strengthen the Hungarian church. The team has translated, edited, and published dozens of well-known Christian books. New Hope staff travel around the country to churches of different denominations and various events to let Hungarians know these resources are available. Passionate about marriage ministry, New Hope Hungary believes in healing marriages and helping new ones through premarital counseling. Twice a year, New Hope Hungary offers biblical marriage conferences and tools to help married couples mentor and counsel other couples. The team is currently producing a DVD of the conference as an avenue for training dozens more people who have not been able to attend the events.

“I have a desire to see Hungary be a country that Jesus leads,” says Csilla. “We could have been wiped out so many times, but still we have survived, so I know God has a purpose for us.”